Frequently Asked Questions


How does it work?

  1. Make your predictions for the weekends Premier League scores

  2. Invite the friends you want to play with

  3. Decide the £ stake that all players will put into the pot

  4. Go through one-time age verification and put your bet on

  5. Enjoy the LIVE experience as the game screens change with every goal!

  6. Points are awarded for correct result & bonus points for nailing the scoreline and on Sunday night someone in your group wins the pot

Simple as that.


How many players in a group?

We strongly recommend 4+ players in a group for the best gameplay experience (Max per group = 20)

How do I invite friends?

You will see a turquoise button at the top of the Game screen that directs you to 'make predictions' (you can edit later). After you've done so it will change to 'invite friends' so tap here and invite.

How do I change my username?

Go to WALLET and tap the pencil icon next to the player name.

How do I change group name?

If you set up the group you can change the group name in by tapping on the 3 dots next to the group name in CHAT

Can I play in multiple groups?

Yes, you can either create and/or join multiple groups.


I'm 18+ but it won't verify my age?

  1. Double check you've entered details correctly (most common)
  2. Our Age Verification provider is Age Checked ( who advise that sometimes your previous address may work
  3. Failing 1 & 2 then contact us and we can look to pass you through manually based upon suitable ID checks (Passport/Driver Licence scans)

Is there a game fee to play?

LEBOM retains a 10% commission of all gamepots to run the platform. Example:

  1. x5 players put £5 stake in each
  2. The group winner receives £22.50
  3. LEBOM retain £2.50

How do I withdraw my winnings?

  1. LEBOM does not hold any customer funds
  2. Winnings are paid out automatically at the end of each gameweek into the bank account used to deposit
  3. Winnings can take between 1-3 days to show in your account depending on who you bank with

I have funds but my card won't work?

  1. Make sure you are using a debit card as credit cards are illegal to use for gambling in the UK

  2. Sometimes wi-fi can give an inaccurate location so try coming off and onto local 4/5G network

  3. Contact your bank to see if there's any reason for blockage

Account management

Unsubscribing from emails

All our marketing emails should include a link in the footer to allow you to unsubscribe to all future marketing emails and announcements. If you're having difficulty unsubscribing, please contact our support team.

Deleting your account

If you'd like to delete your account, and all related personal data, please send us an email to [email protected] or contact our support team.

We'll remove all personal data related to your account, and any stored payment details. All other data related to your account is anonymised.

After your account is deleted, you'll also be removed from our email lists, so you'll no longer receive any email from us.

Specific data removal

If desired, we can also remove any data associated with your account without deleting your account itself. This can be anything from your personal details, payment info, chat messages, or group membership.

To do so, please send us an email to [email protected] or contact our support team.


What if we want to change the stake?

You can change the stake each week as you wish.

Do I have to play every week?

No. Most players do but there is no commitment to do so

Can I play on my own?

No. LEBOM is a game to play against people you know in private groups.

What's the bar tab thing all about?

LEBOM is all about getting one over your mates but each week we give you a chance to treat your mates!!:

  1. Any player with 100+ for the weekend goes into a draw on Monday
  2. The draw winner receives a £100 bar tab at the pub of their choice
  3. Simply choose the pub and date and we'll set it up

What's not to like?!

Can I play if I'm outside the UK?

LEBOM is currently for UK residents only. That said, if you're on holiday/business abroad but have already set up the game whilst in the UK then you can still access the app by turning WIFI off and using the local 4/5G network.

Not covered here?

For any other queries please go to "Contact us" in Settings, or our Help and Support page and drop us a note.