Game Rules

How to Play

LEBOM is a smart new football predictor game. You and your mates simply predict the results of the forthcoming Premier League games and agree a stake that you all put into the “pot”. You receive points for calling the correct result and bonus points for the correct score. Whoever gets the most points wins the pot - simple!

Creating groups

You’ll create and join groups of people that you know in the real world. Your mates from school days, work colleagues or family and friends, the choice is yours. Become the Captain of new groups you create or join a friends group as a player


Every player in your group will make score predictions on upcoming fixtures. This is where the fun begins. Once your predictions are in, you will be able to see completed player predictions from your group.

Setting the stake

If you are the Captain, it’s up to you to set the stake for upcoming fixtures. You can use our chat feature at any time to survey your group and agree to a minimum stake. Or since you know your group better than anyone else, go ahead and choose a stake that’s a good fit for the team. Remember it’s all about having a laugh.

Bet against your mates

Once the Captain of the group has set the stake, it’s time for everyone to place their bets and get ready for the game.

You can make predictions for the upcoming week from Monday 12pm GMT. You have until kick-off of the first game in the fixture to get your predictions in and make your bet. Miss getting your bet in before kick-off and you will be a spectator for those set of games.

A minimum of 2 players in the group must have placed a bet in order for the game to begin.


The leaderboard changes with every goal scored. You’ll score 6 points for a correct match result (win - lose - draw) and 20 bonus points if you predict the correct score.


When the games kick-off so does the chat. Enjoy time chatting with your mates before, during and after the game. Group chats are private so you can be yourselves.